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Remparts et Jardin Publics à Bayonne

Fortifications, Ramparts and Gardens
in Bayonne

Situated on one of the main roads to Spain, at the confluence of the Adour and Nive rivers, Bayonne has long been a strategically important town

the citadel overlooking the Adour
Fortifications and ramparts in Bayonne

The oldest fortifications date back to Roman times and over the centuries the walls have been continually improved

Over time, the Old Castle, the New Castle and the Citadel were added to strengthen the defenses of the city.

Vauban with his policy of great public works, in the middle of the seventeenth century, transformed Bayonne as a fortress city.

Gardens at the foot of the ramparts

The gaps between the old bastions are nowadays walking areas with large green spaces and botanical gardens

Public garden in Bayonne

The gardens in Bayonne

The walkways and botanical garden on the ramparts

Caradoc Park created by the British officer, Lord Caradoc, offers a magnificent view of the Pyrénées

The public garden behind the town hall

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