Le restaurant du Trinquet d'Arcangues
Pelote Basque à Bayonne

Pelote Basque in Bayonne

South West France

Trinquet Moderne

Aviron Bayonnais

Inside the Trinquet

  • Trinquet Moderne : The first three glass walls Trinquet.
    60 Avenue Dubrocq - Tel : 05 59 59 05 22. Open daily from 9a.m to 11p.m except Sunday evening.
    Master des Fêtes de Bayonne
  • Trinquet Saint André : the oldest Trinquet in the heart of the historic town.
    Rue des Tonneliers - Tel : 05 59 25 76 81. Open from 9a.m to 10p.m from Monday to Saturday and Sunday until late afternoon.
    Every Thursday at 4p.m (October to June) : Pelote tournament.
  • Fronton de Saint Léon, 2 Avenue du Docteur Moynac
  • Fronton Polo Beyris, Avenue du Polo
  • Fronton des Hauts de Ste Croix, Avenue de Plantoun

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