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Thermes Dax, The treatments

Dax Thermal Treatments - Landes

South West France


Each year Dax welcomes thousands of patients who arrive to take the Spa waters

Dax has a great variety of thermal spas, due to the diversity of its 12 establishments spread throughout the city.
All, however, practice the same treatments thus enabling visitors to choose the type of structure and character, together with the specific ambience they desire.
Furthermore, there is no disagreeable or even slightly depressing sensation of being merely one amongst the masses, and as the treatments only take place in the mornings, this gives you the opportunity to organize pleasant trips around the city and region. With its temperate climate, which is certainly good for rheumatism, nothing is lacking to make each and everyone's stay a perfect one.
These are all the conditions preliminary to intrinsic treatment quality offering added value to this singular hydrotherapy, known as "Peleotherapy".
It is not surprising that Dax is the leading Spa Resort in France. Dax, which owes its renown to " Peloide", the only natural medicine of its kind in the World.

Some Treatments available

Two types of thermal products are used at Dax, "Peloide" and "Hyperthermal Water", which are at the origin of the complementary and diversified treatments (also prescribed by the Doctors).

This is the use of the Dax Peloide Mud (explained in previous texts).

Thermal Pool Physiotherapy
This is run and supervised by masseurs - physiotherapists in view of improving mobility.

"Underwater" Showers
This concerns thermal water showers with the pressure varying according to the muscular mass involved.

Terebinth Showers
As its name indicates, this concerns a mixture of Hyperthermal water and Terebinth. The solution is sprayed over the painful areas. This treatment has proven to be very effective against Neuralgia and the after-effects of Shingles.

These are pure thermal water bubble baths, providing for muscular relaxation.

Localized Steam Treatment
This treatment brings relief to hands and feet affected by Rheumatism.

Underwater Massages
Given by a physiotherapists, this massage is carried out under a projection of thermal water.

Hydro massages (or baths with underwater jets)
Fine jets of pressurized thermal water are forced through the bath favoring muscular relaxation.

High-Pressure Showers
In a thermal water swimming pool, the patient is positioned in front of an underwater jet (variable intensity and direction) providing muscular relaxation.