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lac de Massanges

Messanges Lakes


The " Prade" lake : 25 Hectares and the " Moisan" lake : 11 Hectares

Messanges lake

The Prade lake is a protected Nature reserve between Moliets and Messanges, the only thing you can do with this Lake is to walk around it, or fish with a permit from the town hall.

Discover on foot the Mo´san lake, the last vestige of the bay formed by the old mouth of the Adour. A walking path of 3.5km around the lake.

Other walking paths in Messanges :
"Lou Caminot tranquilot" : 2.2km walking path. Start route de la plage.
"Lou coupe came" : 6km walking path. Start route de la plage.
The "Voie Verte" through the village from north to south about 5km, by foot, cycle or rollerblades.

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