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in Saint Jean de Luz

South West France

House of Louis XIV in St Jean de Luz

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The Maison Lohobiague or House of Louis XIV

A 17th century house built by Johan de Lohobiague, shipowner and mayor of the city.

Louis XIV stayed there in 1660 during the signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenees and his marriage with Maria Theresa, Infanta of Spain, June 9th 1660 at the St Jean Baptiste church.

house of Louis XIV St Jean de luz

On his way to Madrid, the Duke of Anjou, the future King Philip V of Spain stopped there in 1701.
Open to visit

The Maison Joanoenia or House of the Infante

Built late 16th century, this elegant residence was given to Joannot Haraneder by the city.

The Infanta of Spain, the future Queen of France and Anne of Austria, Queen Mother, came to Saint-Jean-de-Luz with the court for the wedding of his son and stayed here in 1660.
Remains open for private visits

The Alexandrenia and the Three Canons houses

The rue Mazarin is lined by the oldest and most beautiful houses in the city.
Both these houses are typical of the architecture of Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the 17th and 18th centuries.

They have survived the ravages of the ocean which destroyed the sea wall protections and engulfed the old La Barre neighborhood in 1782.

House of the Infante St Jean de Luz
The fishing port in St Jean de Luz

The Fishing Port

In the 15th century Basque fishermen who were the first to explore the banks of Newfoundland, fishing for cod and hunting whales, which contributed to the fame and prosperity of St Jean de Luz.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the port was a haven for  Basque pirates, of whom one of the most well known was Johannes Suhigaraychipi, nicknamed Coursic, who captured over a hundred ships.

Today the whalers and cod fishermen have been replaced by line fishing boats and small trawlers and the ports of St Jean de Luz and Ciboure promote the quality of the fish caught by  local fishermen using traditional methods.

The port is central to St Jean de Luz and the arrival of a fishing boat is always a special moment.

The town hall in Saint Jean de Luz St Jean de Luz church

The Town Hall built in the 17th century,
between the Louis XIV and the Corsaires squares.

The church of Saint Jean Baptiste (More informations)

ste barbe saint jean de luz ste barbe saint jean de luz

Sainte Barbe Point and it's Chapel, an ideal vantage point from which to admire a magnificent panorama of the Bay of St. Jean de Luz.

The St Barbe point is on the coastal trail.

The bay of St Jean de Luz

Promenade Jacques Thibaud (1880/1953).

In tribute to this great violinist who loved of St Jean de Luz, the town gave his name to this beautiful seaside promenade.
Jacques Thibaud built the house "Zortziko" in Saint Jean de Luz in 1926.
He is buried in the Aice Errota cemetery.

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