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Les plages d'Anglet

The Beaches in Anglet

Basque Coast - South West France

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In Anglet, the beaches extend over 5 miles

Beaches in Anglet/© CDT64

The Anglet beaches from North to South

from la Barre, at the Adour estuary to the Chambre d'Amour, at the foot of the lighthouse in Biarritz

sables d'or and chambre d'amour beaches in Anglet

La Barre beach : the smallest and quietest beach in Anglet. Ice rink, lake, skatepark, and the beautiful ecological park Izadia.

Les Cavaliers beach : the surf contest spot ! green space and a playground for children.

L'Océan beach: surrounded by the Chiberta golf-course.

La Madrague beach: beautiful beach close to great parks, close to the petite Madrague beach.

Les Corsaires beach : halfway between the beaches North and South. Greenspaces for ball games, kite flying ...
Free library in July and August from 2pm to 6.30pm.

surfing Anglet
sables d'or beach Anglet

Marinella beach : it owes its name to the Hotel Marinella which has not survived the ravages of the ocean and was destroyed in the 70's.

Sables d'Or beach : lined with bars, restaurants, shops. Hosts events all summer long. Volleyball on the beach and spotlights to admire the waves at twillight.

Chambre d'Amour beach: less poetically renamed VVF beach since the construction of the VVF holiday village. Below a cliff and the Biarritz lighthouse. Tiralo available to help the disabled.

The legend of the Chambre d'Amour(the Lovers' Bedroom)

Like Romeo and Juliette, Laorens and Saubade had to hide their love and meet in secret. They died tragically while asleep in the cave at the foot of the cliff, trapped and drowned by the incoming tide.

Beaches with Lifeguards on duty in summer.
The lifeguards ensure your safety, please respect their instructions and...swim between the flags !!

Dunes beach: surrounded by the Chiberta golf course and next to the Ocean beach.

Club beach: next to the Sable d'Or beach only accessible at low tide.

These 2 beaches have not lifeguards in summer.

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