Visiting Azur

"Le Charme authentique"

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Places to see and visit in Azur in the Landes

The miraculous Spring on the road
to St Jacques de Compostelle
The ancient "lavoir" or communal laundromat
Traditional Folklore

Activities nearby - within 10 to 15 minutes

Lifeguraded beaches - from Moliets to Soustons : 20 km of ocean beaches

Pinsolle golf-course, Soustons

Jonathan Dix

Moliets golf-course

Equestrian farm, Messanges

Surf Schools on all the beaches

Surf Casting on all the beaches


Adrénaline quad Park, Moliets

Cinema, Soustons

Musée des Traditions, La Pandelle, Soustons

Conservatoire avicole du Puyaubrau, route de Dax

And not forgetting the summer Fêtes

The Sardinade grill.

The Maïade : ceremony every year on the first of May, when a flowered tree is planted in the village square.

The late-evening market on Sundays.

fetes le marché