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Le Port des Pêcheurs Biarritz

The Port des Pêcheurs Biarritz

The Port des Pecheurs Biarritz

  • the Port des Pecheurs biarritz
  • the port des pecheurs biarritz
the Port des Pêcheurs biarritz view from the sea

At the foot of Ste Eugenie church, between the Grande Plage and the rocher de la vierge the port des pecheurs is part of the old town of Biarritz.

Its "crampottes", little houses constructed on the back face in the cliff, are still used by fishermen while others have Restaurants and Diving schools

If the beach is a bit too hectic for you, why not take a stroll and relax on all the various points (seats are fitted) in the sunshine, take in the sea air, listen to the sound of the surf and waves crashing on the rocks below.......

Crampotte Biarritz/© J.Cazenave CDT64

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