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La maison de Maurice Ravel à Ciboure

House of Maurice Ravel Ciboure

Basque Coast

The house of Maurice Ravel Ciboure

The House where Maurice Ravel
the French Composer was born

Built in the 17th Century, by a Dutch Architect in the complete Hollandaise style (Interior & Exterior, exactly as you would find facing a canal in Amsterdam) faces the harbour of St. Jean de Luz.
The house is called "ESTEBANIA".

Maurice Ravel was born on the 7th of March 1875 in this house, to a Basque mother Marie Deluart (Mme Ravel) and Swiss Father Joseph Ravel, he was Christened Joseph Maurice Ravel just weeks after his birth, in the little 16th century Church of Saint Vincent (Just behind the house).

He only lived here for approximately 3 - 4 months before the family moved to Montmartre in Paris for the reasons of his Fathers profession.
There he was brought up amongst artists & musicians, which must have influenced his future career tremendously.

Each year he returned to Ciboure for the annual family holiday (even after the deaths of his Parents he continued for nearly the rest of his life).
On one of these holidays in 1928 Maurice Ravel wrote the famous melody "Bolero" in a small Hotel in Ciboure the Anchochury.

Maurice Ravel died on the morning of the 28th of December 1937 and was buried with his Parents in the cemetery of Levallois Perret.

Cardinal Mazarin stayed in this house for the wedding of Louis XIV and the Infanta Maria Theresa. It's now home to the tourist office and international Maurice Ravel academy.

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