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Col d'Ibardin

Col d'Ibardin

At the Spanish Border - Pyrenean Mountains


Why mention the Col D'Ibardin, it's in Spain?

Well it's not like shopping at Harrods, London or Bloomingdales, New York.
It is a tourist trap with a difference, the location is on a small mountain, right on the ridge!

View of Pyrenees from the Col d'Ibardin Venta Col d'Ibardin

If you shop or sit in a bar on the left hand side of the street, you gain the most spectacular views of the Pyrenees, on the other side of the street, magnificent views of the Sea, St Jean de Luz and Biarritz (the choice is yours; for me, have a beer on both sides).

Now after saying all this the other bonus is that, as already stated this town is just inside Spain and in Spain at this moment, petrol, cigarettes, spirits and beer (also food) are a good cheaper than France and as there are few restrictions on how much you carry from one EEC Country to another, providing it's not for resale and the local Taxes are paid (they are included), you can't go wrong !

Visit on a clear day, if it's not clear, sit in the bar, the beer's cheap!

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