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Pelote basque à Biarritz

Basque Pelote in Biarritz

South West France

Every village in the Landes and the Basque Country has a fronton on which anyone can play for free and watch local games

Pelote Basque is the king of sports ... with rugby and surfing!

Pelote Basque à Biarritz, Parc Mazon Fronton Place Libre

Biarritz hosts numerous professional competitions.

A great show !

To watch games of pelote, Cesta Punta competition and others animations :
Summer Events
in Biarritz

From June 30th to August 25th in 2016 : Internationaux professionnels de Cesta Punta
The world's best players, Jaï Alaï,  St jean de Luz

Pelote Basque Biarritz Euskal-Jai Club, Biarritz Olympique


Jaï AlaïAddressTelephone
Euskal JaïParc des Sports Aguilera, 64200 Biarritz05 59 23 91 09

Pelote Basque, Chistéra, Yoko Garbi ou Main Nue

Plaza Berri42, Av Foch, 64200 Biarritz05 59 22 15 72
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